Fracture Repair Coconut Grove Fl

Grove Animal Hospital Veterinarian

dog cat tibia fracture repair miami flUnfortunately, fractured bones are common injuries in veterinary patients.  Many fractures occur secondary to vehicular injuries.  Other common causes include bite wounds from a larger animal, small dogs getting dropped, stepped on, or jumping off a bed or high furniture.  Sometimes fractures can occur without trauma when the bone itself is weakened by other disease.  This is most common in the mandible (jaw) of small dogs with severe periodontal disease and bone loss around their teeth.

              All fractures are different.  Some may require surgery while others may heal in a splint.  Treatment will also be influenced by age and overall health of the patient.  We use radiographs (X-ray) to diagnose most fractures.  A CT scan may be beneficial for fractures of more complex areas such as small bones of the carpus or fractures of the spine.